(read-line port)


  • port (optional)


Returns the next line of text available from the textual input port, updating the port to point to the following character. If an end of line is read, a string containing all of the text up to (but not including) the end of line is returned, and the port is updated to point just past the end of line. If an end of file is encountered before any end of line is read, but some characters have been read, a string containing those characters is returned. If an end of file is encountered before any characters are read, an end-of-file object is returned. For the purpose of this procedure, an end of line consists of either a linefeed character, a carriage return character, or a sequence of a carriage return character followed by a linefeed character.

Side Effects

Return Value

A string or an end-of-file object.


> (define line (read-line port))